Big Bang Legends For Educators

Big Bang Legends for Educators and Teachers

We want to partner up with schools and educational institutions to bring fun learning into the hands of millions. Kids play mobile games for hours every week – what if some of that time would be used in a meaningful way, learning a subject while playing? Could you learn even particle physic by playing? 

We’ve created a casual mobile game Big Bang Legends that is fun to play at home, but also can be used in the classroom. Rather than being an educational app, the learning content has been integrated into the game design itself, making the playing of the game into a learning experience without the player even noticing. Through this mode of stealth learning the player can learn fundamentals of particle physics such as making a proton out of quarks, and re-creating the first elements of the periodic table into new playable characters in the first 10 minutes of playing.

What we offer to you:

  • Big Bang Legends – free iOs and Android based mobile game with commercials replaced with educational video content
  • Regularly updated 15-30 second, easy to watch and understand video lectures on physics
  • Teachers guide on how to play the game, and use it in classroom, tied with physics and chemistry curriculum.
  • Monthly educator’s newsletter with practical tips for classroom usage
  • Additional items for purchase, such as Big Bang Legends based boardgame and periodic table playing cards

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Big Bang Legends will launch in the US this fall, but before its launch we want to grant an exclusive free access to our educator version of the game for our teacher partners. Sign up now, and we’ll get back in touch over the summer with information on the game and how to access it. We’re especially interested in STEM and science teachers, and educators who want to try game based learning in their classrooms. We’d love to hear from you and see how you use the game in your classroom.

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Teacher’s Guide

We are working on English version of our Teacher’s Guide to Big Bang Legends.

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Finnish version of Teacher’s Guide to Big Bang Legends

Big Bang Legends in Uganda

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